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LifeGem®... More Than We Imagined.

We are honoured to do what we do. This is not just a "job" for us, this is our dream, this is our mission, this is our life. We have been creating LifeGem diamonds since 2001, and it took four years and everything we had to make the LifeGem diamond a reality before that. We believe in the LifeGem with every ounce of our soul, and we hope it shows.

The LifeGem Mission is to ease the grieving process.  We aren't trying to make it go away.  Grieving is a natural and an important part of the healing process.  The LifeGem diamond is something to help you along your journey and celebrate the life of someone very dear.

We sincerely thank our clients for these kind words.

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Hi Dean,

I absolutely LOVE the gem and am very pleased to know that this is, in fact, my mothers. It's stunning and my daughters have already told me that this is their parting wish now too.

Thank you so much for all your help and for making me something as beautiful and precious as my mother was.

All the best,

Christina Armitage (Daughter)

Thank you and your team sooo very much for my gem. I knew it was going to be beautiful but it sure did exceed my expectations. I have no words to express how much this means to me, especially since I received it right on time for his anniversary which is on Sunday.

Once I can access the site, I shall definitely write something about my loved ones... It has taken me a year to be able to do so.

Thank you so so so much you have made me so very happy and having him around my neck is so comforting.

Your entire team was amazing throughout the whole process. Kindly share my gratitude with all of them.

Jacqueline C (owner)


I cannot thank you enough for the creation of Jerry's LifeGem. It is absolutely breathtaking. I love how it looks different in different lighting, just like Jerry did! He was and always will be precious beyond measure, and his true beauty shines through this beautiful diamond. Thank you and God bless you!

Warmest regards,

Linda (owner)

Dear LifeGem, I received my diamond as promised by you on Saturday, am absolutely delighted with it, thank you so much for all your correspondence and keeping me informed of each stage, I am delighted to receive such a precious gift that will keep me with my loved one for many years to come and bring me some happiness back into my life. Thank you.


Sue Braddick (owner)

Dean, I just picked up Midnight's ring from the custom jeweler in Milwaukee (A-Trio). It does the diamond justice. They put his paw prints on the ring (a gorgeous white gold band) and incorporated an "M" in the part of the ring that holds the beautiful yellow diamond. This is their second LifeGem project and they are honored to be chosen to be involved in these designs.

I have gotten so many compliments on Midnight. He is home. I am happy. Thank you.

Sharon (Owner)

I thought you might be interested in what we finally came up with regarding the setting for my ring of Maya's stone your company fabricated months ago. It turned out gorgeous. As you can see, I had her name engraved on both sides, the stone is held in by two gold bars, the serial number is readable on the side with the "a" of Maya, two fine lines of white gold surround the ring.

Thanks again for your services I will cherish this as long as I live!

Mark Enrietta (Owner)

I wanted to write to thank you so much, following the safe arrival at my home today of my beautiful diamond in memory of my beloved dog Mack. It is exquisite and wholly reflects the pure, dazzling beauty of his precious soul.

I have been so grateful and so impressed throughout the process by the care which you have all shown, which was so welcome in allaying the nervousness I felt about sending his remains so far away for such a long period. The regular updates as to progress were such a lovely touch and meant such a lot, making the wait so much more bearable.

I have told all my family, friends and colleagues about your service, and will continue to recommend you without hesitation to everyone I know. Many thanks again for such an outstanding service at such a difficult time.

With kind regards and best wishes,

Michelle (owner)

Stan's yellow diamond was set today by my jeweler and the entire effect is breathtaking. When the stone first arrived and I opened up the box I started to cry. All I could think of was that Stan was finally "home". Now I have this beautiful piece of jewelry that I will wear forever keeping him close to my heart. Thank you so very much for all you've done. Sincerely,

Arlene Anderson (Wife)

I just wanted to let you know that my ring has arrived, and it is just beautiful... I am so pleased ... I would like to thank everyone there at Life Gem for all their help and patience, with me ,through this process... .It made it painless and rewarding... again I just love my ring and the diamond twinkles in the light and will be a constant reminder of my wonderful husband... He always liked to buy me diamonds, and would have truly approved of this choice for his ashes... thank you..

Eileen Seaborg (Wife)

Hi Dean,

I absolutely LOVE the gem and am very pleased to know that this is, in fact, my mothers. It's stunning and my daughters have already told me that this is their parting wish now too.

Thank you so much for all your help and for making me something as beautiful and precious as my mother was.

All the best,

Christina Armitage (Daughter)

I love, love, love my ring. I finally took a photo and will email it to you. I get compliments all the time and tell everyone about what you do.

Thank you for everything!!!

Alix Smith (Wife)

Dear Dean,

I would like to say a huge thank you for our very precious and priceless yellow diamond.

It is in loving memory of my Father Graeme Anthony Lee.

We can not express how amazing this gift is to us, it is something we will always hold very close to our hearts.

Myself and my brothers got the diamond set into such a beautiful setting ( Photo attached) when we presented it to our Mum she was just so happy have not her seen her smile like that for a long time.

Thank you again to yourself and all your amazing team at LifeGem.

Tracey Kitson (Daughter)


My Dad's 2 diamonds arrived this afternoon. They are beautiful! I am so excited about getting them set, but I want to wait til the 3rd one arrives. They will be set with my Mom's blue diamonds.

Thanks so much and we will be in touch!

Virginia Caldwell (Daughter)

Hi Dean,

I received the FEDEX today!

Thank you!

I will take my mother to jewelry store here when she visits me on May for my wedding :)

Thank you very much for your prompt reply always.

Miki Hirayama (Daughter)

Dear LifeGem,

Here are a few pictures I realized Dale never forwarded to you. We are so pleased with how everything turned out, the diamond is absolutely stunning, just like Monica was. Please feel free to use any of the photos on your website, we are so proud of how the entire display came out.

Thank you so much,


Monica Fowler (Mother)

Hi Dean,

I have received the parcel on Friday already. The diamond is very nice indeed. I really appreciate for all the hard work of your staff.

Thank you very much.


Susanna Kwan (Mother)

Dear Dean

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for doing a wonderful job on my ring. I had no idea that something this beautiful can be made from ashes. Thank you again!

Jennifer Young (Wife)

Hi Dean,

All three diamonds arrived safe and sound (they had a bit of trouble finding the address though).

They really look spectacular! I'll be able to show them to Linh's daughter and cousin tomorrow on Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the beautiful work.

Donald DeBear (Spouse)

Hello Dean

FedEx just delivered my Mum's diamond; its Extraordinary! Thank you!

Best Regards,

Dana Weber (Daughter)

Dear Dean,

I received the diamond yesterday, and today is the memorial day of my Dad, what a coincidence!!

I'm so happy and I do appreciate all your help and advice.

Thank you so much,

Yuki Koyama (Daughter)

Hi Dean,

Thank you again so much. I have received my diamonds. They are absolutely beautiful. It was pleasure to work with you and your staff again. Everyone is always so pleasant and helpful.

Thank you

Tina DeMattia (Wife)

Hi Dean

just sending you a photo of what I've done with Eric's diamond... i had my wedding band and diamonds re-done with it..

Many thanks,

Yolanda Richards (Wife)


Thanks again for everything. The ring is gorgeous.

Amy shows the ring to everybody she sees, and we've had multiple people say how cool the concept is and that they hadn't heard of it, but that they knew people who had lost loved ones that they were going to suggest it to.

Eric Wenschlag (Father)

Hello Dean

I am delighted to have received my LifeGem Diamond today. Quite an emotional moment on first sighting of it but so well worth waiting for. This will give me great moments of comfort in the future.

Thank you.


Susan Ziel (Wife)

Hi Dean. I received my diamond - YEY & it's beautiful as I knew it would be.

Janis Barr (Daughter)

Hello Dean.

Its now been almost 6 weeks since I received my LifeGem Diamond from my late husbands ashes.

I would like to tell you that I now have my LifeGem made into the most beautiful ring I have ever processed in my life.

My local jewellers were amazed with the Gem & the quality of its sparkle they said was a very lively diamond.

I'm thrilled with my LifeGem & I would like to thank you all again in making this all possible. It is stunning.

Added to all of this I have my LifeGem ring in time for my Husbands first death anniversary June 3rd.

Yours sincerely

Val Elay (Wife)

Dear Dean,

I love my 'Hal' diamond!

Thanks for doing such a great job.

I'll wear my diamond ring with pride.

Again Thanks a Million!

Very Satisfied.

Marge Tillotson (Wife)

They are beautiful!!! beyond words~~ I am VERY pleased!

You were out of the office when I called. Talk to you soon.

Tressa Marbach (Wife)

Dear Dean,

Just to let you know that the diamond arrived first thing this morning as promised and it is absoloutely beautiful - it has a light all of its own and I couldn't be more delighted.

Thank you. Love,

Kate Hall (Wife)

Dear Dean & Rusty,

My grateful thanks to you - and - everyone involved in the evolution of my Life Gem " Black Diamond".

The Diamond is exquisite - classic - and incredibly beautiful.

In sunlight it sparkles with iridescent Emerald and Saphire lights.

Reminds me of the twinkle in John's eyes.

At the moment the Diamond is in the safe hands of my Jeweller - who will create a classic and elegant Ring - using John's Wedding Band.

Thank you,

Una Callam (Wife)

Hi Dean.

I have received the LifeGem Diamond, it is better than I thought it could ever be. It is wonderful. My Mum would be very pleased if she could see it, she loved bright stones. I thank you for making it for me, now I have my Mum back with me for always.

Thank you again.

Sylvia Hilton (Daughter)


Many thanks. The Lifegem arrived yesterday morning and what a beautiful stone it is. What fantastic service FedEx provides, but thank you for arranging to get it here before our wedding tomorrow. This will be a wonderful surprise for Carolyn, and as soon as I get time I will create a tribute on your web site.

Once again, thanks for your help and sincerity in our dealings.

Dereck Cowsill (Husband)

Hi Dean, well the diamond arrived today, and how beautiful it is. But is it any wonder that is is so stunning, please see attached image of my wife.

I'm indebted to you at LifeGem, having this diamond means so much to me.

With heartfelt thanks and regards,

Jim Goddard (Husband)


It is beautiful. Now I cant wait to get it set. Everyone that has seen it just doesn't believe it.

Thanks so much

Cynthia Lantz (Wife)

Dear Dean,

I write to let you know that today I received my beautiful diamond and that I am so very pleased with it.

I can only say a 'big thank you' to you for your continued support that helped me through a very emotional journey.

Sadie Milne (Wife)

Dear Dean,

My diamond arrived arrived today & it so reflects the type of person my husband was.It is square -- just like the old fashioned values he held & dancing with light -- like the the bubbly personality he had.

I am delighted with it & would like to thank everyone involved & to thank you for having kept me up to date with it's progress.I am now going to have it made into a pendant.

Best Wishes,

J Heathcote (Wife)

Just to say many thanks for my diamond, it has been a long wait but well worth it. I am in the process of having it incorporated into our wedding rings, so will email you the end result, once again many thanks.

Chris Hogan (Wife)

Hi Dean

I just received my yellow diamond and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so very much. Please thank Rusty also and I'm sorry I was so impatient - it was worth the wait. Thanks again

Janet Johnson (Wife)

Hi Dean,

I received the diamond this morning and am very pleased with it.

Many thanks,

Janice Mellis (Wife)

Hi Dean,

My diamonds arrived and are stunning. Thank you.

Karen Krepis (Daughter)


I received the ring today and it's beautiful, it brought me to tears. It has been a very challenging process with all the issues since last March, but I am so happy with the results and even though it didn't seem at the time, it was well worth the wait. I can't thank your company enough for the amazing job that you did with creating my Mom's blue diamond and placing it into the ring that I sent. Your company is totally amazing and I was showing people all day, I even had people ask me for your companies information.

Thanks again

Melody Guthrie (Daughter)

Just wanted to let you know that I had the Diamond set into a ring and was proud to be able to wear it last week at my 60th birthday celebrations. Thank you once again.

Sharon Holden (Wife)

Hi Dean I have my diamond it is beautiful and I want to thank you and your team for all your kindness and support certainly at times when I was somewhat impatient. Thank you.

Lynn Foy (Daughter)

Dear Dean

We received our diamond today and is absolutely beautiful. We are off to Scotland next week to have it set in a pendant for me to wear.

It will help me keep my son close to me for ever - he died of cancer aged just 12.... It is of course no replacement, but I hope will give me some comfort.

Many thanks again

Caroline Cross (Mother)

Dean, the package arrived. Everything is more than I anticipated !!! Thank you.

Wendy Nicholls (Wife)

Hi Dean,

I just wanted to let you know that the delivery of the diamonds happened this morning.

Thank you so much - they are absolutely beautiful. I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed with emotion at first and I can't stop looking at them!

All the best.

Raelene La Ferla (Daughter)

I received the diamonds this morning. Thank you for making this possible for us. They are beautiful. Other than that, I am speechless.

Gloria Lau (Wife)

Dean & Cheryl,

Received the diamond on Thursday and took it to the jeweler's that afternoon. It was very exciting, especially opening all the boxes, to view it for the first time. In the jeweler's light Mother really sparkled a gorgeous blue. Beautiful certificate as well.

The process and all your updates made the waiting very easy. People would ask had I received it yet and was always able to give them the latest update. Thank you for that.

My jeweler would also like to receive information on the process. She had heard about it and this was the first diamond she ever saw created.

Thank you again.

Pam Palmer (Daughter)

Dear Dean,

The stone arrived safely, and as I am sure you have heard many times before, it is a strange experience to be wearing it. It is however beautiful and something I will always treasure. I want to thank you and your staff for your gracious handling of this purchase, excellent results and remarkable service. I have already recommended your services to someone else.

Best regards to all,

Dusti Jones (Mother)

My beautiful Mam..My best friend passed away on the 2nd November 2009 at 44...We still do not know why Mum was taken away so suddenly. We always had a very open relationship, we spoke about everything. Mum made it very clear what she would like if the time did come. I came home from school one day and Mum told me that she had seen Life Gem on the T.v. We were both amazed by how you could create a diamond from your loved ones ashes. So from that day forward I always promised her I would make her into a Diamond..A diamond is what Mum was to me, this strong beautiful woman. I miss her more than words can describe, it gets harder not easier. I get comfort in looking at pictures, watching videos, and knowing that if there is another place that she most certainly will be there having a good old time of it, further knowing that all her wishes will be granted and that I will have this beautiful diamond on my finger for the rest of my life. This company has been amazing so far.. Especially David Hampson who had to deal with me calling asking some silly questions. Thank you,

Bethany Worsnop (Daughter)

Dear Dean,

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know that my LifeGem Diamonds arrived yesterday afternoon. Nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming feelings I had in seeing my completed stones. They had John's energy and were so beautiful! I am so thankful I found LifeGem and decided to do this.

I am having the diamonds set into a ring and a pendant, using the gold from my wedding set.

I will recommend your company to anyone looking for a way to remember their loved ones and carry them with them. Well worth the wait and the priceless!

Thank you so much!

Blessings to you,

Toni Geving (Wife)

Thank you. Just a short note to let you know the ring arrived safe and sound. It is just what I wanted and now has replaced the wedding band, there since 1946, where it will remain forever. Thank you and the complete LifeGem staff.

You can be sure it will attract allot of attention, tomorrow night at the Citrus Valley Hospice annual Holiday Bereavement event.

Thank you again and again.

Frank Peacock Jr. (Husband)

When my office staff looked at the letter and diamond, they all broke into tears.

What a wonderful product. Please consider me a reference forever.

Christopher Delaney, MD (Owner)

Sorry I haven't written sooner but I went out of town.

The diamond and setting are perfect. I've gotten so many complements on it. I never take it off. It is so big I can't believe it. You said you couldn't have guessed it would come out so large. That makes it twice as special. It's my most cherished remembrance of my husband.

Thank you and everyone involved in making this beautiful symbol of my 32 years with my husband. When my time comes and I'm cremated it will go with me.

Beth Rivera (Wife)

Hi Dean,

The parcel arrived safely before the weekend, and the diamond looks very beautiful, thank you very much for your hard work.


Chang Mei Chen (Sister)

Leonard and Roland at Carroll Lehr Funeral Home presented my LifeGem to me this evening. It's hard to describe the emotion I felt when I opened the box and viewed my ring for the first time. The beautiful red diamond, which represented my son's birthstone (ruby), was simply stunning in the white gold setting and as I slipped it on my finger, I was moved with the knowledge that I would have a tangible part of Logan with me for the rest of my life.

The investment in a LifeGem was the right choice for me in memorializing my son.

Lona Mauk (Mother)


Thank you for the beautiful diamond. It brought tears to many eyes yesterday when it arrived at my place of employment. My friends couldn't believe how it turned out.

Linda Woods (Daughter)

Dear Mr. VandenBiesen,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The Archie Life Gem is so beautiful. I received it on Wednesday last week, had it mounted into a ring the same day, and have been wearing it ever since. The color is so amazing.(so is the size-Thank you) I am thrilled. What a wonderful service your company performs. Thank you for making my heart smile again.

Angie McKinnon (Wife)

Hi, I just received my LifeGem that we had created in honor of my mother. I love already means so is absolutely gorgeous...thank you so much...they really are gorgeous!!

Stacy Marcum (Daughter)

Dear LifeGem Employees

Words cannot express my gratitude for all your hard work and effort to get my son's diamond to me.

Rusty, Cheryl & Dean you are all priceless. To helping me finding the right setting to delivering my setting & diamond to me at the airport. Your time and personal touch to every detail did not go unnoticed.

I receive compliments on my son's diamond every day.

Thank you for everything.

Valerie Welton (Mother)

We might not be able to have them forever, but this gem that has been created from my beloved Miranda will always be a reminder of her spirit, charm, personality, purity and love.

At least a part of her will be with me always. She taught me so much about life and love. It is only fitting to have a special remembrance of her.

Thank you for fulfilling this tangible memory. She will be in my heart forever.

Catherine Turner (Owner)

Dear Dean,

I apologize for the delay in thanking you for the delivery of my pendant. I received it in excellent condition. I have never seen such secure packaging in my entire life! -- and I have had to ship many a FedEx package throughout my work career.

It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I've ever owned. The diamond really sparkles, and the chain is a perfect fit! What a wonderful present from my mother and a lifetime remembrance of my father.

Thank you for your stellar professionalism, but even more for your kind warmth, throughout this entire transaction with my family. Such an experience will add to my enjoyment each time I wear my new pendant.

Kind regards

Su-wen McManus (Daughter)

Hi there, yay the diamond arrived safe and sound. I lovvveeee it. I am so pleased with it and your company's service. I can't wait to get it made into a ring.

Once again, thank you for the fantastic service.

Toni Husdon (Sister)

I received my LifeGem diamond last week and have been in awe ever since. It's absolutely beautiful! As strange as it sounds, the coloration really does remind me of Mom's hair. I also love the treasure ring setting, what a perfect way to display the most perfect diamond. Next week will make one year since Mom's untimely passing, so I'm very glad to have a piece of her back. Thank you so much for everything you have done!

Angie Embrey (Daughter)

I want to thank everyone involved in the LifeGem process. Everyone I dealt with throughout this process has been simply wonderful and caring. The yellow LifeGems I ordered for each of our children arrived at the beginning of the year. We were all truly amazed at the beauty of the stones and each of the kids were so pleased that they would have that one special part of their dad to treasure.

Today I received my blue LifeGem and words cannot describe the beauty and sparkle it radiates. It was truly worth the wait. Although I will always have my precious memories of Richard, I can never thank you enough for giving me such a truly beautiful way to cherish him always.

The LifeGem process is something wonderful and I am so glad you are there.

Carole Wagley

Carole Wagley (Wife)

The time came and I finally received my two diamonds. It was a day I will never forget. I ordered two because I have two daughters and someday they will inherit them. The quality of the diamonds were just what I expected. They were blue, because that is the color my husband wanted. I had one made into a ring and the other one a necklace.

Now, when I look at the diamonds, I know my husband is with me and winking as the stones sparkle. His dream of becoming a blue diamond came true along with always being with me forever.

Patricia King (Wife)

I received my ring on Friday and it was just beautiful. It brought back alot of feelings and I know how proud DeWayne would be of it. He always liked fine jewelry and believe me it is everything I hoped it would be. Now I will always have him with me. The diamond is so brillante just as he was. He was a part of my life for 32-1/2 yrs. physically and now I have him on my finger and can look down & see his smiling face looking back at me.

I also want to thank you for your sincerety in this matter. You all were so kind and helpful.


Sandy Snyder (Wife)

We both knew that we had less than 12 months left together and my husband wanted me to have a LifeGem so that I would always feel he was with me. We did everything together and he knew how hard it was going to be for me when he had to go.

Gray had a great sense of humour and joked that not only would I be able to take him with me wherever I went - I would also be able to nag him- I do too! Initially I had reservations but knew how much it meant to Gray so I went ahead with his wishes. I'm so glad I did. I had the stone set in a ring and I never take it off. It's the most beautiful thing I own and I joke that he hasn't lost his sparkle.

Mary Sykes (Wife)

Thank you so much for my stunning LifeGem, the colour is so vibrant and all I could have wished for. I can't wait to have it mounted in a pendant and wear it for the rest of my life. This means the world to me that I have part of my beautiful husband next to me. Thank you so much for this wonderful service you have provided for me, there are simply no words to express how much this means.

Lynda Walker (Wife)

Thank you for the very safe delivery of my LifeGem today and indeed I agree it is delightful and I am enormously pleased with it. The cut, colour and shine are perfect and all I could have hoped for, and I am also chuffed at the size I have acquired!

I have today deposited it with my local jeweller to be made into a drop pendant using gold from my mother's wedding ring. The Jeweller is rather nervous of the responsibility but I am hopeful that I will have a charming piece to wear constantly, which will give me much comfort.

My mother had a reputation for her large collection of jewellery and I have inherited her love of jewellery (as well as her collection!), so my diamond is a very fitting memorial and I know it is just the sort of memento she would have approved of. In fact, it was my brother who read of your procedure and encouraged me to contact you. He is also very pleased to know that the diamond will be passed to his only daughter on my demise, as I have no children. Thank you again for offering this service, and in such a dignified and supportive manner.

Lyn Glass (Daughter)

I just wanted to say that the diamond has arrived and that I am delighted. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I cannot think of a more fitting or enduring tribute. Thank you for all that you have done, there are really no words to express how much it means to me.

Catherine Hoare (Friend)

I was so pleased I'd heard of LifeGem, and noting down their contact number; when upon the sudden and unexpected illness of my husband, he raised with me his wishes for funeral arrangements. I told him of LifeGem and, like me, was totally taken with the idea of a beautiful gem which would be far more personal and lasting than a granite stone soon to be forgotten and unvisited. A LifeGem!

The personal and prompt service, at all times, and the ability to make arrangements and take delivery (very prompt, and within 3 hours of a phone call) at home, made it all far more relaxing.

The diamonds are beautiful! And currently I am awaiting hand made lockets, made to my specification, on which the individual gems will be mounted with a photo of my husband inside, plus a suitable inscription. These will be ready for the anniversary of my husband's passing, when we will have a meal in celebration of his life and a bottle of red wine! (my husband's favourite!)

Thank you LifeGem.

Iris Mallard-McHugh (Wife)

I don't think it was any accident that I found out about LifeGem shortly after my husband died. Then I thought can I really afford it? I thought about it for several months. Eventually I decided to go ahead.

I'm so glad I did. The Diamond is beautiful and absolutely unique. I have had it set into a ring and I know my husband would be very pleased, especially as I didn't have an engagement ring.

J Hodgson (Wife)

I first heard of making a diamond out of someone's ashes from a TV series about the life and work of an undertaker in the east end of London. I remembered this when trying to decide what to do with my husband's ashes and after making some enquiries, I found out about LifeGem.

When my LifeGem arrived, I had a mixture of emotions. It was beautiful, and it was part of him. I had it made into a simple pendant, and it gives me comfort when I wear it.

Although I have my memories, it is lovely to have something tangible, and now I feel able to scatter the rest of his ashes in his favourite place, which is what he wanted.

C Bowlt (Wife)

As soon as I saw a feature on the local news about LifeGem, I knew that's how I wanted to remember/commemorate Dad. He had not always been around as I grew up, so our relationship was rather distant. That was until I was 19 and Dad was made redundant from his hectic city job.

He started embracing life. I remember him opening the door to me, he was cooking a meal for us to share. His eyes sparkled with the joy of living. From this moment on we grew very close. Waiting for the gems to develop was difficult and mirrored my own grieving process. My Husband was initially scared of the idea of me getting a LifeGem but talking about why, helped to heal many wounds and cement our relationship. Dad died just 2 weeks after our wedding. I have had my LifeGem made into a ring. I wear it on special occasions and when doing something Dad would enjoy like going to the Theatre. Sometimes it calls to me to be worn, often when I feel low.

J Souster (Daughter)

I wanted to make sure that for generations to come my parents would not be forgotten. There will always be someone asking about the diamonds, which will lead to questions about who they were.

I've requested in my will that my children turn me into a diamond when I die. There's something reassuring in knowing the memory of you will never die.

J Lee (Daughter)

It was Mum who wanted to be made into a diamond. We had both watched about it on television, mum was very taken with the idea. So when Mum's time came I was very focused on sorting it all out and getting the ashes to David so the process could begin.

When Mum came back, I was staggered at just how beautiful my 1/4 carat was, including a beautiful presentation box and certificate. I'm having it made into a ring so that Mum is always with me.

People I speak to are interested in the process and all want them to see the diamond. Some have never heard about LifeGem, but not many. One person wasn't sure about it all and found it very strange but all the others thought it a wonderful way to still keep a little of your loved one with you.

All think the stone is beautiful, and most of all... so do I.

D Lowman (Daughter)

I hated the thought that once my husband's ashes were scattered I would have nothing left of him except my memories. If someone is buried, you can at least visit the grave. I now have something permanent to keep and treasure, I wear the pendant I had made around my neck all the time, close to me.

I had not known about the process before his death, it was a chance remark. The idea just grew on me, it invaded my thoughts until there was no way I could ignore it. The only thing we had discussed before was that his ashes would be scattered on his favourite peak in the French Alps. Before he died, we were sat on a balcony in the late afternoon, he was sat with a glass of wine in his hand just dreaming staring at the mountains. I said "I know where you'll end up then" and he just grinned.

P.S. Thanks, the diamond is beautiful!

Mrs. Stephenson (Wife)

After reading an article about LifeGem in a magazine one day, it captured my attention immediately and I wanted to find out more. It seemed too good to be true!!

My husband Steve and I talked about LifeGem initially regarding my Mum and he approved of it and said "Sha if it makes you happy, then do it". Little did I know then that it would be his ashes making the diamond.

For me LifeGem is the ultimate tribute!! It's a priceless memorial of the person that was so dear to you - it lessens the loss of your loved one because you are left feeling that they are still with you but in a different form. A diamond is the only thing that is suitable, as it signifies exactly how I thought of Steve.

Steve was an absolute diamond in his life, very well liked and respected by everyone, so many people commented to me after meeting Steve for the first time what a sincere and genuine person he was, he had time for everyone! It seems fitting that the LifeGem I am having made is yellow as Steve loved the sunshine. I am going to have it set in a ring designed as a fish that will wrap around my little finger because Steve's next biggest love after sunshine was fishing and he always used to say "Sha you've got me wrapped around your little finger you have" and so in death he will still be there - around my little finger.

Sharon Champion (Wife)

My wife was diagnosed with cancer in August 2005 and in one of the stays in hospital read about LifeGem in a magazine. The next time that all the family visited, she spoke about it. My wife dreaded the thought of being buried, she was very claustrophobic. She always loved diamonds so we agreed to get the best of both worlds.

Sadly my wife passed away on 21st February,2006 so we as a family wrote to LifeGem and the reply we received made up our minds beyond any doubt. The way you kept us informed during the process was marvellous.

When the diamond arrived, I was sure I could see my wife in it. As soon as possible we intend to have a family portrait taken with all three generations of our family and have the diamond mounted in the frame. In that way my wife will always be with her loving family. I hope this letter will be of some help to others. I believe it is the best money I have ever spent. Thank you.

M Blake (Family)

Our Mum died on 21st February 2006 after a short battle with cancer. During Mum's illness she never talked about death outright but always made reference to when she would not be here. During these conversations, she made reference to my sister and her wish to have her ashes turned into a diamond.
She was not only our Mum but also our best friend. She taught us how to love, how to give, how to laugh and how to care. When the diamonds arrived, I could not believe how beautiful they were and such a fitting tribute to a person who was beautiful inside and out. Both my sister and I had the diamonds mounted as rings and it is such a comfort when we wear her on our fingers. Mum used to love to dance and the first night I wore my ring it was to a Salsa night. I'm sure she was there dancing with me.

LifeGem were truly wonderful from the start of the process to the production of these truly beautiful diamonds. Not only were we able to fulfil her wishes but we also have a constant reminder of the very extra special person, who we are truly lucky to have had as a Mum.

We cannot thank LifeGem enough because words alone cannot express our thanks.

J Tekin (Daughter)

I am 50 years old. My mother was 81 when she died. We lived together all our lives as I never married or had children. So when I was left alone, I felt as if I'd lost my best friend, mother, sister, partner. So I thought Life Gem was a lovely way of feeling my mother was with me every day as I plan to have a ring made.

Y Collict (Daughter)

There are so many memories, some wonderful and some tragic. My boy was taken from me on August 19, 2003 and while I know he is still around us, his blue eyes still gaze at me as the center stone of my wedding ring. I cannot imagine a more beautiful and appropriate memorial to the Captain of my Dreamboat - my little Wyatt whose heart was pure gold. He is always with me even now... Thank you LifeGem. You don't know how much it means to me.

Therese Holliday (Mommy)

I lost my Dad suddenly in June 2006 and remembered at that time having seen a programme on TV about the possibility of having loved one's ashes turned into a diamond. I realised as I lost my dad that I wanted to keep him near me forever. I looked on the internet and found LifeGem. Their correspondence with me was plentiful, keeping me updated at every stage and the tone of their letters was very compassionate and respectful.

When my dad's diamond arrived, I was happily surprised at the wooden box it was in and the certificate bearing his name that came with it.

Both my mum and I find it great comfort to know that part of my dad will be with us forever. I am so glad I made the choice of a LifeGem and tell all my friends about it.

Amanda Owen (Daughter)

My husband and I were never separated in life and why should it different after his death. I wanted him to be with me wherever I go so what better way than to have his ashes made into a stunning diamond. It sparkles so much just like he did. Most people have never heard of LifeGem and when I tell them they all think it is a wonderful idea. It gives me comfort to know he is always with me.

I found all the information I needed on the internet and if I needed to speak to someone personally, staff were very helpful and very professional.

My diamond is next to my heart so I know we will never be parted.

Thank you for everything.

Judith Owens (Wife)

I have scattered some of John's ashes in one of his favourite places and also planted some under a small tree in my garden. The best decision I have made was to have this beautiful blue diamond created and the thought of actually being able to carry part of him with me all the time is so much more comforting.

The diamond is truly stunning - it's such a special way of remembering such a special person.

Pauline Grayson ()

The reason I wanted a LifeGem. When you lose the most precious person in your life you lose everything. Yes you have your memories, no one can take those away from you. Then you have to sort everything out and you feel there is nothing left.

But to have a part of Paul on his wedding ring. I will feel that Paul is with me every day of my life as Paul was my husband, friend and my rock.

Doreen Smith (Wife)

I read a story in the Bella about a girl who lost her husband and she had a diamond made for her. At the end of the story was your e-mail address. I thought it was such a lovely idea. It has helped me so much to have my ring on all the time and when it sparkles I feel Bob is smiling at me.

Stella Marshall (Friend)

A friend told me about an American friend who lost her mother very young and had a necklace made from the diamonds. My eldest son was very taken with the idea during the week my father, his grandfather, was dying in hospital. Initially I was going to send the ashes directly to America but in the end I sent them to LifeGem. We had no information about this opportunity from the Funeral Home but subsequently I have told many people across England & Scotland.

My Father didn't know but he would have been very touched and amused. We had two stones made and both mounted on two different pendants. Mine I wear all the time, my son sometimes. His a beautiful blue stone set on a gold pendant and everyone admires it. Some are rather shocked at first but think about it.

Ann Clackson (Daughter)

Losing my husband after 40 years of marriage was devastating. I heard about LifeGem shortly after his death and immediately felt this was a most wonderful way of having part of him with me every day. Every day I wear my ring I feel that he is still with me and this gives me such comfort.

Valery Mason (Wife)

After my children lost their father tragically and suddenly, I thought that if they could carry part of him with them throughout their lives, it might help them coming to terms with it and help them cope with their grief.

They are making their diamonds into pieces of jewellery to be worn throughout their lives, hopefully.

Tracey Holt (Wife)

The decision to choose a LifeGem was made a couple of years before my husband died. After my husband died, I remembered my promise. I now have a fabulous yellow diamond set in a ring. The diamond appears to change colour with the light, it sparkles and glistens at me - it provided comfort immediately.
My Funeral Director was wonderful and explained everything fully. I've been back to show her the diamond so she can tell other people of this marvelous opportunity to have a tribute nearby and not in a remote crematorium which I have no link with.
You were attentive throughout the whole process, you came and collected the Ashes and then kept me up to date with the progress. It was definitely the right thing to do.

Janette Clay (Wife)

My husband and I watched a BBC 2 programme about the process of LifeGems in Feb. 2006. At this time I said I would have a diamond made from him as he bought me many diamonds and knew how much I love them. Sadly, unexpectantly, in April 2006 he passed away from a sudden heart attack and was in hospital for 2 weeks under the Liverpool Care Plan due to the heart attack leaving him in a coma. I had to let him go as we had discussed many times what would we want if this happened - this was the hardest decision to make. He was a fit, healthy 55 year old and the morning of his heart attack, he had referred a football match (local League).

The comfort of having him on my finger is unbelievable. Our friend designed the ring and it was made from his wedding ring.

Was it fate we watched the programme - who knows. But I am glad he knew I was going to do this.

Jacqui Chesterfield (Wife)

As the 1st year anniversay of the death of Jimmy gets closer, I once again would like to express my deepest sympathy to all of Jimmy's family. I know this is a difficult time for all. Sometimes it feels like it just happened yesterday. But now we must all rejoice in the fact that he is at peace and watching over us. He has a lot of family members up there that he had not seen for a while, and together they will keep each other company. How do we ever live with the loss of a loved one, one whom has touched our hearts in so very many ways? As time goes by we will never get over the loss of Jimmy, but we will find a way to keep him in our hearts, yet we will learn to deal with the loss and realize what a wonderful place he is, and that is the way it is to be. One day everyone will be able to accept his death and then the saddness will turn into gladness for him, as God chose for it to be. We are not to ask why, but we must accept & not question. Trust in the Lord! We will always remember Jimmy as a great husband, father, brother, son, brother-in-law, & friend, and we will cherrish all of the wonderful memories that he left with all of us. Again, you all, as his family have my very deepest sympathy and hope that tomorrow will bring better days and the memories will give us all the strength to accept his death. Take care all, and God Bless You All.

Patty Fromm (Sister-in-Law)

I received my LifeGem in memory of my husband, Gary last week. When I opened the box, I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the stone inside. The color was just amazing and it seemed to glow with all of the inner light that my husband possessed in his heart and soul. Just looking at it made me feel as if he was with me.

This beautiful diamond will make this new ring a treasured keepsake for now and for the future. Thank you for everything!

Cindi Metz (Wife)

My husband passed away at the age of 21. He was in the US Army for 3 1/2 years and served his country proudly. Getting a lifegem made for both myself and his mother, we will be able to take a part of Jesse with us wherever we go. He will always be with us... Lifegems take something so horrible and make something beautiful. What a perfect way to pay tribute to someone and carry them with you always...

Erin Jameson (Wife)

Hello Dean,

Just wanted to say thank you again. I received the diamond and am very excited! It is beautiful!

Janice Herzog (Daughter)

Hi Russell

Just wanted to let you know I now have my beautiful red diamond. We returned from Queensland last Friday and went straight from the airport to collect it. Right now it is being set into an l8ct gold band with white gold claw setting.

Thank you for your kindness and your very prompt replies to my emails.

I wish you and your family a lovely christmas and very prosperous new year.

Best wishes Isabel Bott (Australia)

Isabel Bott ()

Dear LifeGem and Especially Rusty

I cannot thank you enough for my beautifully crafted pendant. Using my husband's wedding band and putting the diamond in the middle forms an equisite setting. I have gotten more questions about it which I am always excited to answer. Most cannot believe that it was created from my husband's remains. They are truly amazed and quite taken with the beauty and shine of my yellow diamond.

I feel very close to Paul now and I know that he will be with me always. Thanks again to all of you for the service that you have provided. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have their loved one close. I will be forever grateful with all my love,

Rae Dylenski (Wife)

I can not tell you how many compliments and times we've told the stories on our rings and pendent ...Josh.

Thank you so much again.

Rhonda Sullivan (Mother)

Having just begun the LifeGem process for Michael, I'm already comforted knowing it will be the most fitting tribute to him possible. Thanks especially for the opportunity to share some of his story through your tribute section of the website. Words fail to express how helpful this has been to me. As the process continues, and the diamond comes nearer to completion, so too does my grief recede proportionately.

Kent F (Friend)


Well, we all got to look at our LifeGems last night as a family. My Mom was speechless (which is a big feat for her) and my brother, sisters, as well the rest of the gang (grandkids, sister and brother-in-law), were very impressed with the diamonds! It's hard to explain the thoughts (the good thoughts, of course) that go through ones mind when examining a diamond that is created from the remains of our father. The timing could not have been any better, Rusty. The few times a year (which is usually only once!) that we get together as family and we were able to receive the Gems - it could not have happened any better.

Jack French, Jr. (Son)

Dear Rusty,

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate all of your help and kindness. I purchased two BEAUTIFUL diamonds from you and the rings that were made from them are SPECTACULAR!!!!! My Father would be very proud. I have many fine pieces of jewelry but get the most compliments on my Lifegem. The experience was most pleasant even though it was at such a difficult time because of the great customer service provided by Rusty. You're the best!!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Lori Sherman (Daughter)

Hi Dean!

I just wanted to let you know the ring arrived and I thank you SO much. I have told so many people I know about LifeGem, Dean. They had never heard of it and like me, think it's an excellent way to keep a loved one close.

I plan to wear Arlen all of the time ... it's just amazing to me that this can be done and I'm in awe.

Thanks for doing this!

Barbara Richards (Wife)

Thank you so much for everything, the ring is so beautiful and the tribute pictures are awesome. Everyone that sees it is so amazed by it and they all love it. I hope this company continues to grow and prosper. You guys are the best ever!

Our Wedding is this weekend, on the 20th and it's going to be wonderful and so much fun. Everything is coming together in such a wonderful way!

Thanks so much again.

Peace and Love

Vicky Wright (Mother)

Hi Rusty!

I wanted to let you know that 'Ma' has arrived here safe and sound! You were right.....she IS a beauty!!

Today is her 1 year anniversary and it has given me an untold sense of peace to have her home and in such sparkely condition!

I want to thank you and your company for allowing me to have something so beautiful created in memory of my mother.

Andrea Izard (Daughter)

Thank you so very is absolutely stunning. I opened the box, and there it was..the exact color of my mother's eyes!

Your company has done something incredible, and I adore this amazing tribute to my parent's love story (love at first sight, and married only a few weeks after that--it lasted until mama's death, 53 years later, with my father still hopelessly in love).

Thank you again.

I will send you a photo of the final setting...I am thinking of a ring, in white gold, with mama's sapphire (also radiant cut) and the LifeGem Diamond side-by-side.

Meredith Deming (Daughter)

Dear Rusty and Dean,

I picked up my ring today from my jeweler. It is the most incredible thing in the world to see! I was literally shaking from inside when I saw it mounted in the beautiful setting you provided.

Well, when the diamond arrived I was in awe of its beauty and the comfort it provided me. Today, when I was able to put it on my finger, I was speechless! Richard will be holding my hand forever.

With Loving Thanks,

Jenny Wellinger (Wife)

With the help of the Maitner family (Crematorium listed on I had my Robert diamond about 5 months later...... It is everything I'd hoped for and everything my darling man would have wanted. The quality is utterly amazing---The amber-gold color is absolutely breathtaking with bright red, green and sometimes blue sparkling off of it in the light. It hangs where I promised--nearest to my heart--where he will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Thank You Rusty and Mike and everyone at LifeGem.

Most sincerely yours

Barbara Ochs (Wife)

I got my ring on Thursday, I love it. I cannot even begin to explain to you how it makes me feel, its amazing!!! That is all I can say......

Thank you to all the staff at Life Gem, my loved one is home and I have her with me every second of everyday!


Debbie Overman-Fruehling (Daughter)

Hi Rusty

I just got the diamond!

It is beautiful and I am so happy! I will definitely write a story about Arf and include a picture ... I have the setting for my ring at the jewelers, so I'm going to go there today!!

Thanks, to all of you ... so much!! I love having this bit of Arf to keep with me always!

Thanks, again.

Anne Tell (Owner)


Thank you so much, the diamond looks beautiful, I cannot wait to get it. Again, thank you so much, LifeGem has been such a wonderful, caring company to work with through all of this, I appreciate it.

Barb DenDulk

Barbara DenDulk (Wife)

Thank you Dean - I can only say what a pleasure it has been to deal with you, Rusty and LifeGem. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for you and all my questions are answered nearly as soon as I ask them. I'll let you know how beautiful I think my diamond is when I receive it.

Thanks again,

Elizabeth Grist (Wife)

The people at LifeGem did a spectacular job . When I got the diamond I could see it was beautiful even though I'm not a gemologist, but more importantly, I knew it was Jill. The icing on the cake came when I took it to the jeweler to have it set in my own Claddagh. He gave it the typical jeweler's inspection with his loop and exclaimed how beautiful it was. Thank you so much! I wish you all the best of luck. You deserve it. It must be great to work in a business that helps heal broken hearts.

Jim White (Husband)

Just know Len how much I Love You and many other people also. I can't wait to get your stone, It sure will always mean every thing to me.

Mary Lyskowski (Wife)

Dear LifeGem,

I don't think I can thank you all enough. Rusty, you will never be forgotten. Your amazing idea will now keep the one person I love the most with me forever. I just received my LifeGem diamond today, and it was one of the best times of my life. I miss my grandma so much, and today I felt like a little part of me that left when she passed away, was given back to me today. You all have changed my life more than you'll ever know. My grandma will be with me forever, when I walk down the aisle, when I take that amazing vacation that I can only wish she was on with me, and even the day I die, when I get to be reunited with her once again. If it wasn't for you all, I would be so lost without my grandma. But you all have given me the opprotunity to do the things I couldn't do before, because I wanted my grandma with me when I did so. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Stephanie Schrack (Granddaughter)

It was such a comfort to me, to think that I could have a part of him so permanent and beautiful for the rest of my life. He mentioned it often, and it was a great comfort to him, too.

When I received the diamond, it was more beautiful than I ever imagined it could be.

There are not enough words to thank you for the compassion and caring everyone at LifeGem showed throughout this process.

Kelly Gosh (Wife)

When I first heard about LifeGem I was interested immediately in getting this done for my cat, Princess Beanie. I was amazed at how comforting and nice the staff at LifeGem was to me, especially Rusty. He helped in getting a place for her to be cremated and also has kept me updated on the diamond creation process. Not only was Rusty great to me in a business sense, but he also helped me come to some closure about the loss of my best friend.

Nyree Cox (Mommy)

Thought you might enjoy seeing the final result of the LifeGem.

I believe the ring turned out exceptionally beautiful and can recommend your firm to anyone that might wish to take this avenue as a remembrance of a loved one.

Yours Sincerely,

Laura Fischer (Wife)

Hi Dean,

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and Rusty today. I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit. I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with how you treat your clients. I feel like you really understand how we are feeling as we grieve and the importance that these gems play in helping us cope with the loss of our loved ones. I am truly grateful to you and Rusty and look forward to continue working with you on our next stone!

Thank you for everything,

Angela Ravasz (Wife)

To Dean and all the associates at LifeGem,

I did not know about LifeGem, but my husband heard about it and he told me to check into LifeGem and find out about it. He then told me that I need to get a diamond created after he was gone. He also told almost everyone he knew or saw that after he died and they saw a new diamond on my hand and it winked at them it was him.

This may by my imagination, but I see a lighter area in the middle of my diamond and if I move my hand it closes up. I feel that it is really him winking at me. I am so glad I had these diamonds created. I feel this has completed the process of his death. It was sudden and I now feel I can look at my stone and feel he will always be near in spirit.

Thanks again.

Denise Doyle (Wife)

Dear Rusty,
Well, I have my diamond and I can't thank you enough. It is much more beautiful than I could have imagined. Knowing that my Mother is in the stone and I can take her with me is an awesome feeling.
I took it to the jewelers today and he was astounded at the cleanness and depth of color. He did a diamond test on it and he could not believe that it tested as a diamond. This diamond is so fantastic and beautiful I just can't thank you enough.

I hope my experience will help others to decide that this is a fantastic way to preserve the memory and ashes of their loved ones.Warmly,

Laura Curtin (Daughter)

I cannot even begin to express the feeling I got after reading your email to me this morning concerning the tribute that I wrote about my dad.

I never expected to receive such a compassionate email from you and your company.

You have proven to me time and time again how much you all do care about us and our loved ones remains. You also care about what we are feeling and you handle this with such grace.

When I called to notify your company that I had sent my father's ashes to you, your receptionist was very comforting in letting me know the process and the steps that would follow. Everything that she stated would occur did indeed happen.

I never imagined that the communication from you and your staff would be so personal. It's like you are now a part of my family. You have shown such comfort and care that words cannot express my thanks to you and your company.

God forbid when the time comes for me to have to endure the pain of losing my precious mother, I will again call on you to create a diamond from her ashes and both these diamonds will then be re-mounted into one ring and they will be side by side forever.

I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Robin McBreairty (Daughter)

The gem is a beautiful color and it looks wonderful in the ring setting. Thank you again Sandra, you are right, Skip is a beautiful gem.

Joy Linviile (Wife)

Hi Rusty,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my diamond this morning. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. Take care and thanks again for keeping in touch with me all this time and for bringing my Memory Diamond home!

Hi Rusty

I just wanted to let you know that I took my beautiful diamond to my favorite jeweler today and all he kept saying was that it was a very beautiful diamond. He had heard of LifeGem but never saw one. He put it under the microscope and lo and behold there was my inscription and your number on it! I picked a beautiful setting and can't wait to get it back.

Barbara Sherburne (Wife)


The ring is beautiful. I can't thank you enough for sending the pictures. What a great surprise. Now I know I won't sleep tonight.

Thank you very much for being so thoughtful and caring.

Cris Shelton (Wife)

Hello Dean,

Last Thursday John and I made the trip to Western Australia to deliver Australia's first LifeGem Memorial Diamond. We met Linda Bruce and her children at the television studio where they did a story on LifeGem and John presented Linda with the diamond. She was shaking and crying and thought the memorial was just beautiful; we all had tears in our eyes.

Whilst John and I were driving Linda and her two sons (aged 11 and 14 yrs) back to their accommodation, I heard her youngest boy say "Mum, show me dad again". He then kissed the ring... tears all around - again!

I spoke with Linda on the phone today and she said she has become the 'Town Celebrity'. Everyone has recognized her, the hairdresser, the baker etc. All the children from her sons' school rushed up to them the following morning and asked lots of questions but more importantly wanted to look at the ring. Linda has been asked by the hospice unit that cared for her late husband to give a talk to all the staff today and of course to explain LifeGem. Great news


Michelle Sabau (Funeral Director)

Please let Rusty and Michael know that my Life Gem arrived at Ridgewood High School as expected. My husband has the stone and says it looks great.

Unfortunately, I won't see it until tonight :(

I can't wait!!!

Carolyn Selfe (Daughter)

Dear Russell,

Thank you doesn't seem enough for the most exquisite, precious, treasured 'miracle' that you have sent us!!! My heart swells (and so do my tears) each and every time I look at David's LifeGem . . . (and I seem to be compelled to do so - often!!) Words don't seem to be enough to express my feelings . . . THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

You have created the most precious, special memory and enabled me to feel 'close' to my loved one in the most miraculous way!!!!!

I really appreciated your ongoing thoughtfulness, and kind and caring words,

Many, many thanks again,

Lisa, Jakob & Emilie Tiivel (Family)

Good Morning Dean:

I received the diamonds on Friday morning. They were beautiful. On my way home from work I stopped at Ryan Funeral Home and talked to one of the owner's. I showed him the diamond, the certificate and gave him ten brochures with my name and telephone number on.

I told him any client that wanted to call me was fine to check this out.


Marge Pearson (Daughter)


I got my father's diamond today. It's lovely and the presentation case is just great. I am very very happy with it. I'd say more but, frankly, I'm quite tired (very long day). You folks know what you are doing. Everything has been tasteful and beautiful and well handled.

You and everyone else at LifeGem have my heart-felt thanks and appreciation and that of all my family.

Very Best Regards,

Aaron Beard (Son)

Dear Dean,

I am writing you to let you know that I was able to pick up the blue LifeGem yesterday. I am very pleased with the result. Even the people from the Diamond Office couldn't believe their eyes.

I want to make sure you know that it was a pleasure doing business with you guys and I will continue to spread the word regarding your unique services. I have a meeting with a jewelery designer this weekend who will create a necklace for the gem. I hope to be able to wear it for X-Mas.

Katty Pepermans (Wife)

Dear Mike, Dean, and Rusty,
Thank you for all of your hard work to make my mother's LifeGem an awesome reality! The Blue LifeGem sparkles with radiant light as my dear mother did while on earth. When I first saw it in all of its beauty, tears came to my eyes, because I felt as if my mother's life essence was contained within the diamond. The setting is wonderful and enhances the loveliness of the LifeGem.

Dear Dean,some of the qualities I appreciate about your excellent customer service are the genuine concern for each customer's loss of a loved one, your careful handling of the loved one's cremated remains, and your professionalism and expertise in creating a lasting tribute in the form of a LifeGem.All the best,

Laura Andreini (Daughter)


I want to thank you for the lovely diamond you made of my bright star, Nouri.

Thank you for the professional handling of this matter and the lovely box to hold his diamond.

Thank you again!

Heather Shoup (Owner)


I had earrings made out of two of the princess cut diamonds and have been offered money for come back is you cant afford them..they are worth more then you could ever pay me.

All I can say is putting my husband's death into something with so much LIFE was the best move I cold have ever made......All my love to you and anyone who had a hand in my husbands...Death and rebirth......

Elizabeth Hile Needham (Wife)

Dear LifeGem,

Just a note to say I absolutely love my LifeGem and the setting it was put in.

Thanks for being so great on the phone with all the calls I bugged you with.

I truly hope your business does wonderful which I am sure it will.

Thanks again.

Sandy Bogstie (Wife)

Dear LifeGem,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank everyone that helped me in this process. This was a very hard time in my life and everyone has been extremely kind. I'm very thankful that you have thought of a way to make a heart breaking situation a little bit brighter.

This is a truly wonderful thing that you are all doing.


Cynthia Stethem (Best Friend)

Hi Rusty,

Thanks soooooo much for sending Hannah's diamonds! They are so beautiful.

We want to thank you for giving us this gift just before the one year anniversary of Hannah's birthday into Heaven.

God bless you.

Susi Rowley (Mother)

Thank-you! Thank-you!

They are wonderful. What a great service.

I love you all for giving us all the effort and care. Our mom and dad forever!

God bless to all.

Lore Coultrap (Daughter)

Yesterday, I received the two LifeGems that you sent. They look beautiful!!!

Thank you very much for all you've done for us.

The timing was good, as my younger son, Marcus, was asked to bring some things to his grief support group in one week. He previously brought the yellow diamond, and now he can bring the blue ones. Bless you, and all who contributed to the 'LifeGem' dream !!!

James Hatfield (Husband)

I am so grateful to have heard about LifeGem. I can't tell you how much it changes my attitude and outlook. I'm still sad sometimes and of course miss my dad terribly, but when I talk to people about it, I am almost always happy and positive because I can say, we're sad because we MISS him, but we're happy because we REMEMBER him, and having this diamond makes me remember him. So again, Dean, I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to remember him.

Sarah Spencer (Daughter)


I have not forgotten that I told you I would send you a picture of my ring. The ring is gorgeous. You might just have to come to North Carolina and see it.

I've gone to my Compassionate Friends group and shown it around. I've shown it to my doctors and everyone. I've given your website to lots of people, and your name to several others.

Cheri Newman (Mother)

Dear Mr. Herro,

Today marks a year since my niece, Valerie, passed away. I thought it timely to write and tell you how very much her LifeGem has meant to me.

I have had my LifeGem set in a ring that I shall wear always. Its brilliance and beauty bring a measure of comfort. When our family was together in May and our five rings together, I truly felt Valerie was with us.

Valerie asked that we celebrate her life rather than mourn her death. Our LifeGem diamonds help us to do so.

Thank you

Kathy Rinna (Aunt)

Dear Mr. VandenBiesen,
There are no words to express my feelings about the beautiful diamond I received from my children on Christmas Eve.

My husband was a wonderful most generous man and I have missed him very much since he passed away. The diamond has brought some comfort to me and I will treasure it always.

I had a beautiful ring made with it along with the diamond from my wedding ring.

I can't thank you enough for making this all possible.


Nancy Bergquist (wife)

While admittedly at a loss for words initially, I'm now beginning to warm up in public. Many, many people are seeing this wonder, and all are taken aback. I still can't find appropriate words to thank you enough for your efforts. At Kitty Hawk United Methodist church a few Sundays ago the sunlight coming through a stained glass window enveloped the gem with spectral light that practically rendered me witless. Mom is in my heart and now with me every day.

William Allen Lucas (son)

Dear Dean. Here is a picture of my diamond after it was mounted in my wedding ring. It is much more than I expected. If you ever have a potential customer in this area I would be more than happy to show them your finished product.

Philip Palmer (husband)

Just thinking about Gerry's diamond gives me a warm feeling; it's almost as though he's going to be coming home again. It's hard to explain - but it's a nice feeling, and thanks to you and LifeGem, I'm able to feel something besides the sorrow, loneliness, and fear that have been with me since he died. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible. The LifeGem diamond will bring us back together - forever.

Carol Thorndyke (wife)